Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Going back to my hobbies

Now that I have a lot of time in my hands, I have dusted off the boxes containing my Japanese origami paper dolls, with the intention of continuing where I left off, 9 years ago. I even registered with Flickr's origami group, took photos of the remaining dolls and greeting cards, and uploaded them in my photostream. My origami books are still on the shelves but I have to retrieve all my "washi" papers (my Japanese son-in-law once said I wouldn't be able to use all of them in my entire lifetime) from the storage boxes. And I have to unload the piles of books and training materials sitting on my work table and find a place for them in the other cabinets and shelves.

I have also made acquaintance again with my stamp collection, started when I was still single, way back in the late 60s. Whenever I got new stamps, I just shoved them into this huge box and never had the time to organize them. Now I have the time and even registered in one of the existing stamp exchange networks. I am now being flooded with requests for Thai and Southeast Asian stamps from all over the world!

I have got to prepare for my teaching assignments this month and next, so I have to allocate time for that too. If I'm not careful, I will end up complaining about not having any time, after having celebrated my retirement and saying I have all the time in the world. Oh well! Here I go again!


  1. Hello Ma'am Teng. I suggest that you link your flickr photostream in this journal. There is a functionality in blogspot where you could link websites to your post. Also, I love to read journals with photos as well, so might include one or two images of your paper dolls! Sometimes, people are interested to follow our blogs if they could find interesting photos accompanying our posts. Rey Ramos.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Will do.

  3. Rey, how do I link my Flickr photostream to this blog site?